Friday, July 03, 2009

God did make stuff on the 7th day. Then he looked at it and called in sick.

The world's ugliest dog show!!

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

In da house

Plan of Action for mornings now that wife leaves early for work
1. Write that book
2. Read up on Comparative Mythology and Early Church History
3. Prepare write-up on Language and Media for PhD application to Columbia
4. Take MA in Public Administration
1. Sweep hall and bedroom (everyday)
2. Sweep guest bedroom (alternate days)
3. Mop house (every 3 days)
4. Heat breakfast
5. Eat breakfast
6. Heat lunch
7. Eat lunch
8. Sleep
9. Go to office and write blog on what a pathetic loser I am

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

The Story So Far..

"I must post" said the rabbit
"Who u kiddin" said the wolf

Now that that has been dealt with... to more mundane matters
Marriage... check
Tranfer to new city... check
Find scary place in which somebody committed suicide to start life with new wife... check
Realise has been screwed over by real estate broker... check
Find another place to start life with new wife very fast... check
Ruin fifth-floor Tam Bram aunty's just-washed clothes with pigeon shit-mixed water... check
Forget to pay Rs.80 electricity bill and have fuse pulled out... check
Pay sneeky little watchman Rs.200 to have fuse put back in... check
Take revenge on real estate broker by sealing suicide place with fake lawyer's notice (Hindi-movie villains laugh here)... check
Deal with PMS tantrums... check
Deal with non-PMS tantrums... check
Realise loving wife is way more than you deserve... check
And here we are...

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Walking out to good health

There are all kinds of walks that one can take to keep in shape. There is the evening walk, the morning walk, the treadmill walk, the brisk walk and so on and so forth. But all these are for the middle class pansies.
Now, what the Real men are into these days is the mother of all walks...the Walk Out.
Yesterday, the entire opposition in the Malappuram Panchayat walked out because the ruling guys were seriously enthused about the nuclear deal and passed a resolution on it. (The long-term implications of the resolution on the national and international front is expected to be cataclysmic.) After about five minutes (the normal time period for which the moral outrage of a healthy Kerala politician lasts), our troopers walked back in...only to walk out few minutes later because the ruling boys went into resolution overdrive and passed one against Jeevan and his now-famous quest for a Secular education. Now, that is some quality exercise.
I am sure that the day is not far when Jai Hind TV (quality entertainment by Kerala Pradesh Congress Committee)will have an exercise segment with our venerable Opposition Leader extolling the positive effects of the Walk Out on cholesterol and blood pressure. Of course, the other half of the programme will be taken up by Mr. Hybi Eden (the Young Turk that leads the not so Youth Congress)demonstrating more rigorous exercises for the youth,including the right way to exercise that back muscle by pushing hard against the barricade in front of Secretariat and developing those biceps with some quality stone pelting. Kairali TV (CPM + Mammootty = bad entertainment) had an idea for a similiar programme on the health benefits of the Party's mode of operation. But apparently somebody at the Information and Broadcasting Ministry told a puzzled Mr. Pinarayi Vijayan that a man is not very healthy after he is dead.